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Policies are responsible for poverty of farmers, India: Anil Ghanwat

27 Aug 2020

Mr Anil Ghanwat
President, Shetkari Sanghatana

Name : Mr Anil Ghanwat

Designation : President, Shetkari Sanghatana

Name : Dr Bindu R. Pillai

Designation : Acting Director and Head, Aquaculture Production and Environment Division, ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture

Name : Dr O.P. Yadav

Designation : Director, ICAR-Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur

Name : Ravishankar C.N.

Designation : Director, Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (ICAR-CIFT)

Name : Shubh Swain

Designation : Asst Director, Tata Cornell Institute, TARINA



19 Dec 2021

One Size Fits All Will Not Work, Indian Agriculture Needs Decentralised Farm Reforms

There is consensus that Indian agriculture is in desperate need of reforms. These reforms are necessary for farm incomes to rise. If farmers in Malwa (Madhya Pradesh) or Doaba (Punjab) region have a speci