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Despite its significance in our social lives and national economy, the sector has not got the attention it deserved. Mainstream media gives little space to agriculture and rural issues. We do not see much in social media as well. Popular media too tend to focus more on the urban than rural.

There are small endeavors to capture and disseminate information on agriculture, they are not enough. There is a clear need for well-sourced and researched information on agriculture sector.

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Agri should become a profit making enterprise

06 Jan 2017

Dr NC Patel
Vice Chancellor, Anand Agricultural University

Name : Dr NC Patel

Designation : Vice Chancellor, Anand Agricultural University

Name : Dr ML Choudhary

Designation : VC, Bihar Agriculture University, Sabour, Bhagalpu

Name : Sandeep Sabharwal

Designation : CEO, Sohanlal Commodity Management

Name : Mr. Amit Mehra

Designation : CEO and Founder, Reuters Market Light (RML)

Name : Dr. Balraj Singh

Designation : Director, NRC on Seed Spices



19 Jan 2016

Crop insurance scheme brings cheers

In view of the growing volatility in the agriculture sector caused by vagaries of nature as well as market fluctuations, it is heartening to see the new Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY)