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    Irrigation projects at Odisha's Bargarh fail to provide water in the summer.

  • Date : 17 May, 2017

    NUAPADA: Irrigation projects (IPs) in Bargarh have not only failed in terms of irrigation but also do not provide succour to villagers who depend on it for domestic water needs.

    There are five IPs under Nuapada irrigation division namely Sundar, Saipala, Jonk and Dumerbahal and Jharbandh of Bargarh. Water level in three of these projects was less than dead storage level since May 1 while there was some water left in the remaining two.

    The live storage capacity of Dumerbahal IP is 1,932 hectometre (hm) and the dead storage capacity is 298 hm. It is supposed to irrigate about 1,000 hectares in Bargarh district during rabi season. However, as on May 1, the water level was less than 240 hm while it could irrigate only 400 hectares of land in the rabi season.

    The situation of Jharbandh IP is no different. The live storage capacity is 952 hm and the dead storage capacity is 340 hm. It is supposed to irrigate 400 hectares of land in neighbouring Bargarh district, but failed to do much with the dead storage at 200 hm.

    Similarly, in Jonk IP,  the live storage capacity is 6,434 hm and the dead storage capacity is 949 hm.

    Yet, as on May 1, the dead storage of the IP stood at 346.18 hm. However, the condition is better in Sundar and Saipala IP. The live storage capacity of Sundar IP is 4,440 hm and the dead storage capacity is 260 hm. But as on May 1, the dead storage was 302.42 hm even though it had provided irrigation to 450 hectares.

    The Saipala IP irrigates 4,500 hectares during the rabi crop both in Nuapada and Mandosil area in Bargarh district. The live storage capacity is 1,835 hm and the dead storage capacity is 294 hm and as on May 1, the dead storage was 301.41 hm. It provides irrigation to 450 hectares, which is just 10 per cent of the targeted land.

    Executive Engineer, Nuapada irrigation division, Sashanka Sekhar Nanda attributed the dry IPs to deficit rainfall last monsoon. He said except in September, the district has received less than normal rainfall during the last monsoon.

    While the rainfall received in June 2016 was 16.84 per cent less than normal rainfall, it was 15.26 per cent less in July 2016 and 41.73 per cent less in August 2016.

    Nanda said the dead storage level finds reflection in the groundwater level and helps in triggering water level in tube-wells and dug wells in villages along the canals under the IPs. “However, the amount of water stored in IPs is enough and can be channelised to fill water tanks if Pani Panchayats adopt resolution,” he added.






25 Aug 2017

Radha Mohan Singh
Union Agriculture Minister

Name : Radha Mohan Singh

Designation : Union Agriculture Minister

Name : Dr NC Patel

Designation : Vice Chancellor, Anand Agricultural University

Name : Dr ML Choudhary

Designation : VC, Bihar Agriculture University, Sabour, Bhagalpu

Name : Sandeep Sabharwal

Designation : CEO, Sohanlal Commodity Management

Name : Mr. Amit Mehra

Designation : CEO and Founder, Reuters Market Light (RML)



19 Jan 2016

Crop insurance scheme brings cheers

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